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Snow Racketing

  • Snow-RacketingSeason : January to Mid June
  • Activity :  Winter Activity

Snow Racketing – Snow racket Hiking is a real winter adventure and a chance to get closer to the
Nature as you hike through the Snow covered Landscape. Snow rackets a device to help you walk on deep snow, a light weight plastic fibber frame shaped like a racquet is strengthened with cross Pieces and contains a network of thongs. Which helps to you keep up ward on the snow, as well as you use less effort and you will not slide backward . With snow racket you will walk easily on the snow and you can reach to Your destination without tiring. Now it is a great upcoming outdoor adventure, snow trekking around Manali. Like Gulaba, Bhirgu lake, Pandu ropa, Beas kund , lamadug, patalsu, Setan and Deo tibba base etc.

  • Powder Snow Condition – January to March
  • Spring Snow Condition – April to Mid June Maximum.