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Rock Climbing

  • RockclimbingSeason :  April to December
  • Activity : Summer Activity

Intro – Rock climbing is an activity in which Climber Ascend up, down or across natural rock or artificial rock wall. The goal is to reach the summit of a rock wall or boulder. Rock climbing combines strength, control and fitness . Rock climbing has made tremendous advances in technique, equipments, climb .which were considered impossible fifty years ago are now climbed regularly each weekend by young experts, The technique & situations, where help to most needed for rock climbing.

The equipment of the sport is given comprehensive (UIAA) certified for Safety factors & enjoyment are key notes, throughout. It is now biggest sports Europe as well as is in INDIA now.

  • Definition : Rock climbing is a very fine and common sport with tiger shooting with hunting anything across country on horseback and with such fast moving sports as matter sports. Climbing Proper begins at the point where moving to the standard of difficulty & steepness, it is the Accepted & necessary precaution to rope the party & move one man at a time continues movement By climber, all is the normal way of progress it is a good game played slowly, concerned more with quite & with drawl from crowds the victory. It the successful end of a climb can be so called, is not to the strong, but to the skilful & level headed, In mountaineering in high altitudes, in seafaring and in war, it still has its own very adequate level ——— a great sport.

There is two types of Rock climbing – 1.Artificial 2. Natural.

  • rockclim3Artificial Climbing :- in Artificial climbing we use all types of artificial equipments like rope , harness, carabineers, Artificial anchor Artificial wall etc.
  • Natural Climbing :- In which we use natural holds for Negotiate to the rock. Only on short pitches.

In which we do free climbing only naturally occurring features of the rock are used for progress the
‘Rules ‘may permit the climber to clutch conveniently place vegetation, however, he may not stand on a piton placed for protection nor hold of a runner.