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  • canyoningSeason :¬†20th April to September end.
  • Activity : Summer activities

IntroРCanyoning is the sport of travelling down a river, waterfall in to mountain stream situated in a canyon by a variety of means including scrambling, sliding and abseiling.  Canyoning is an aquatic adventure sports in the Manali region, since from 2006. In which we abseil Down in the waterfall with the help of Tope rope end wearing wet suit, in which we provide full of safety Securing , soaking and satisfying the our clients.
Medium Canyon (Half Day) :- It is the perfect size Canyoning for First timer, who never done be for, need patience, confidence and trust on instructor. Walking distance time 20 minutes to 30 minutes.
Biggest Canyon (Full day) :- Required more Confidence, Stamina, energetic and experienced for descending in the waterfall, as well as walking to the uphill. Be in the starting point one and half hour walk.