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Bouldering – Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed without the uses of ropes and harnesses. Bouldering performed at low level, Only we use Rock climbing (P.A.) shoes& usually above crash Mets. Bouldering is uses for mountaineer as well as a profession & big sports also some people do it for physical fitness, in bouldering we use natural holds for Negotiate to the rock, only on short pitches.
Despite any natural inclinations towards climbing the human body is More adapted to plodding along on the level then swinging through trees, Skill or technique must be developed to make up for musculature & to allow the climber in to move competently & confidently. Bouldering is now an exciting and fast growing aspect of rock climbing.
We have four site around Manali, Where you can do Rock climbing and as well as Bouldering.
There is number of routes for beginners to advance level.
Also you can Contact for Rock climbing courses 5 to 7 days
Learn it with full of safety, be an autonomy climber, Learn rock- climbing in 5 to 7 days.